Locally owned and operated, Bricks is dedicated to providing
West Michigan with fresh market items and quality service!

Bricks was founded by Brad Yonker and Nick Fischer in Alto, MI. Together, Brad and Nick wanted to create a brand of their own with the freedom to sell their favorite foods, and give customers a fresh, convenient, and friendly experience they wanted but were not getting from a typical “gas station”. Being in the industry for years they knew what the public perception was of a “convenience store” or “gas station” and wanted to change that. Taking a suggestion to combine their names, the “Bricks” brand was born, along with a commitment to improve the industry standard by implementing their brand through all areas of business.

Fresh Foods

Bricks Pizza & Mexican is proudly served at both our Alto and Grandville locations. We provide a wide variety of quality, fresh food including pizza, burritos, tacos, and salads. We serve our early bird travelers with a delicious selection of breakfast sandwiches, burritos, and even pizzas until 11am. Our Campau Corner offers a Bricks cafe with delicious sandwich options, Ice Cream, and a Meat Market. In addition, our each station hosts a full coffee bar and assortment of bakery goods.

Special Amenities

Each of our stations works closely with Holland, MI based, Brenner Oil, to supply West Michigan with several high quality fuel options. In addition to fuel, Bricks has fresh made to order food and carries a selection of beverages from fresh brewed coffee, cappuccino, smoothies, milkshakes, frozen drinks, pop and even a Beer Cave fully stocked with international and local craft beer. Each location also stocks a collection of goods and groceries making Bricks the perfect stop for all your on-the-go essentials!

Friendly Locations

Bricks’ convenient locations are full service stations. Our Alto location offers Marathon gas, diesel and a deluxe car wash keeping salt off your car in the winter, and your vehicle gleaming in the summer. Combine savings at the pump when you purchase a wash or choose to buy separate. Our Grandville location offers Bricks gas, diesel, E85 and recreational fuels. While Bricks at Campau Corner offers Bricks gas, Cafe, Meat Market and Ice Cream shop!